About Me

Jason is an artist working in S.L.C. His works take inspiration from the youthful and whimsical: utilizing source material from old children’s books, fabric patterns, cartoons, and comic books.

“Sometimes in my work and others that I’ve seen that is overcomplicated, serious, or overworked I get a sense of claustrophobia in viewing the piece. My recent work is an attempt to deliver an image that is carefree and is reminiscent of the youthful excitement for watching saturday morning cartoons.”

His subjects vary but always there is a decided use of the landscape genre.

“As an avid hiker/explorer I have always been uplifted by grand vistas and inviting quiet valleys, curious dark canyons and the thrill of what’s around the next bend. In my paintings and drawings I try and access and document that exquisite interaction with the natural world and hope my audience takes away the same inspiration that encouraged the work.”